Although December's here,

Southern California views

look nothing like this …


As the season of

Advent enters hearts & minds

may we peace-filled grow.


I’m delighted this morning to have discovered the ‘Show Kitchen Sink’ button here at WordPress since I’ve been relying on my limited understanding of HTML coding to alter the appearance of text in my posts.  I’m still not able to do all that I can in Blogger’s editor, but this is better than last week for sure … and perhaps I’ll learn better ways to achieve the visual results I like.

One interesting possibility may be that of creating my posts in Word & transferring them here with greater ease because there seems to be a ‘button’ for that too.  I plan to experiment as time permits.  I’d given up with Blogger because that editor clearly DOESN’T like Word formatting.

Some WordPress features I like so far include the following:

  • the option to insert images easily in the exact spot in a post without having to move them around as I do in the Blogger editor where they’re always added at the top
  • the sidebar widget that adds ‘monster ID graphics’ randomly for those who don’t have a WP identity
  • the comment ‘editor’ function that allows for me to respond individually as time permits
  • the formatting of ’email notifications’ & the options provided within to respond directly from email

One thing I’m wondering about is CommentLuv. I’ve downloaded the PlugIn and ‘registered’ but can’t figure out how or where to upload it … so if anyone familiar with this platform & feature has any pointers … I’m open to feedback and suggestions.

Awards Galore to ‘snag & share’ …

Sandee of Comedy Plus received these awards from the following bloggers and passed them along to all her ‘bloggy friends’ … writing:

“AngelBaby of Your Caring Angels has awarded me three more cool awards. The first one is Nisha’s Friendship award, the second is Purple Frog’s Seal of Approval, and the third is The Friendship award. Wow, she’s having a red-letter run on awards of late. Okay, she’s still celebrating her blogs first birthday. Thank you so very much for including me in the mix AngelBaby.”

and that’s precisely what I’ve decided to do here at Happily Retired Gal!  I appreciate all of you who have visited & commented upon my fledging blog, so please feel free to snag, enjoy, and pass along any or all three of these lovely awards.  If time permits, remember to drop by Small Reflections & Sacred Ruminations too.

Thought for Today
“If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we’d all be millionaires.”  Abigail Van Buren