I can't help but wonder about 'stats' below
found in my Dashboard this morning. To know
so many visit without commenting
generates questions within. Everything
equal ... when I visit others, I leave
feedback of relevance ... thus can't conceive
why (or how) so many bloggers who must
value 'comments' on their own blogs can just
drop by without taking a moment to
type a brief comment. To everyone who
DOES take the time to respond, 'Hip Hooray!'
I feel most grateful for you MAKE MY DAY ;--)

youmakemydayhappilyretiredgal-copyIf you’ve left me comments during December …
this award is for YOU to enjoy and share with others as you choose.

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You approach the holidays with harmony and thoughtfulness.

You realize the holidays can be a hard time for some people, and you’re there to lend your support.

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Thought for Today
"If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it."  Toni Morrison