Make Time for Small Reflections
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This is my 40thMisty Dawn started the meme and explains the rules here.

Earlier I shared
‘Molly on the Move’ in a
collage of photos

at Small Reflections
snapped with my new camera
playing ‘fetch’ out front.

Today I share this
amazing video of
a doggie rescue!

A friend sent me this link in email … and I couldn’t resist passing it along because it’s such an amazing thing.

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I found this at Michelle’s Crazy Life with a Toddler.
You Are a Beagle

You are good-natured. You enjoy spending time with people and animals.

You have a wild, independent streak. If you’re left to your own devices, you get in trouble.

You love to eat and enjoy food of all kinds. If you don’t get enough physical activity, you tend to have a weight problem.

You are very stubborn. You don’t like authority, and you tend to do your own thing no matter what.

Thought for Today
“Dogs are miracles with paws.” Attributed to Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy