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Capturing full moon
views as rain clouds parted … a
few near perfect spheres

before clouds closed in
bringing more rain over last
weekend but today

skies are clear enough
to see snow on mountains far
in the distance north.


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Thought for Today
“The real problem with leisure time is how to keep others from using yours.”  Arthur Lacey

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Camera Critters 1st Anniversary

This is an interesting post and perfect for this event. I also like your sidebar photo of the doc running after the ball. That is great too.

My Skywatch Post

Love your collage of blue skies and moons! Beautiful!

Wonderful photos, all of them. Love how you have presented them too. Thanks for sharing.

Really lovely shots! Blue skies and a moon, too! Delicate clouds. Doesn’t get much better than than! Thanks for sharing!

Gorgeous moon shots. My daughter noticed the moon in the sky last Saturday morning; but we didn’t have a camera.

To me it’s a nice treat when the moon shows itself during the day!

How lovely. YOur words are perfect, photos breathtaking! Hugs, G 🙂

Oh, I love the daytime moon shots! You’ve done a wonderful job capturing it which is not easily accomplished. Thanks so much for playing along,

I love the moon showing in the pictures. Fantastic shots! 🙂

Great moon shots! Have a terrific, peaceful weekend.

What a gorgeous blue!

A nice collection of photos 🙂

Ho-ho; you did well. I really love the collage.

I always enjoy seeing pictures of the daylight moon. Your collage is full of pretty moonshots.

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