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Baby birds encountered recently.

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South Breeze Farm hosted the Giving Thanks Challenge and I participated at Small Reflections in November and decided to continue indefinitely … generating the following list one day at a time throughout the month of February.  I’ve decided to transfer the lists at the end of each month from Small Reflections to Happily Retired Gal … just because.  Click to see previous lists already published here.


I’m Thankful for

1. the Australian Open Men’s Tennis Championship Match was exciting from the first game … with highly competitive play throughout the first four sets. I do feel empathetic for Roger Federer who didn’t play to his full potential in the 5th set. It does seem as though Rafa Nadal is in Roger’s head at this point. I hope Federer decides to get a coach to help him figure out a clear game plan for future matches between these talented rivals.

2. Molly played with 3 different neighborhood dogs today … Jenke (a yellow lab), Rusty (a Collie- Australian Shepherd mix), and a Min-Pin named Dude … as I snapped photos to share over the next few weeks for Camera Critters.

3. for the beautiful sunny weather here in Southern California right now and rain on the way for Thursday through the weekend.

4. for the Ritz Camera classes my sister & I attended today in Irvine and the ones upcoming on Saturday. There’s still much to be learned about my Nikon D60, but I’ve begun and will continue to experiment as I’ve been doing.

5. it’s RAINING … finally! We need this wet weather so very much and I’m hoping it will continue as predicted through Sunday … possibly even into next week.

6. for the photos I’ve been able to capture these past two days while experimenting with the Tamron 28-300mm lens I purchased on Wednesday (on a 10 day cash back trial) and I’m thinking I’ll most likely keep it.

7. for the excellent ‘hands-on’ photography classes my sister & I attended today because we explored what ALL the bells, whistles and buttons DO on our cameras. It’ll take time to ‘master’ the technology … but at least we now have a glimpse of how to experiment with the possibilities.

8. I’ve managed to stay healthy in the face of my overly busy schedule, minimal sleep, and walking Molly in the rain lately.

9. it’s Retired Gals Luncheon today so I’ll be connecting with friends I’ve not seen for a few weeks.

10. I recorded Monday’s Presidential Address so I could listen and watch for a 2nd time this morning. It’s refreshing to hear & see President Obama provide direct information about the financial crisis we face … explain where things stand currently … then respond thoughtfully to non-screened questions from the press without trying to ’sugar-coat’ or oversimplify the situation into a few buzz words or slogans … conveying the complexity while demonstrating his understanding of the political process … modeling acceptance and civility toward those who differ ideologically .

11. for good neighbors to talk with … garden to work in … and the ocean nearby to walk along daily with Molly. Each helps me maintain a sense of balance & calm in the face of the current financial mess & general chaos in the world.

12. I’m meeting my sister & her husband for breakfast in Long Beach … looking forward to sharing an omelet and good conversation before returning to tackle clutter projects at home.

13. that I don’t suffer from ‘triskadecaphobia’ …

14. for a break in the rain and a bit of sunshine for Valentine’s Day!
I left gifts at
Small Reflections & Happily Retired Gal for all bloggy friends and visitors … just because.

15. to spend the day at home clearing away clutter to create a space for my new Sony Bravia 37″ LCD digital flat screen television … purchased for ‘a song’ at Ritz Camera (see Morning Musings for details) … to be installed tomorrow morning between 8 & 12.

16. I’ve been able to remain calm & centered in the midst of this chaotically frustrating day … coping with Blogger issues while waiting for a television technician to install my new Sony. Happily, my friend Carol ‘talked me down’ by chatting with me on the phone several times over the course of the day. I’ll share the details tomorrow, but for now … I’ll add that the TV is still in the box.

17. for the iris blooms bursting out in my front yard … there seem to be 3 buds along with the one fully open iris already.

18. I’m getting my hair cut today and having lunch with my sister too.

19. for the first session of my Writing Workshop this evening. The teacher and other students seem interesting and the structure of the class is designed to maximize feedback.

20. my new Sony is set up and working beautifully after the Cable Guys came on time today.

21. for a most delightful day spent with my sister … attending a camera class, enjoying a tasty lunch of soup & salad followed by a long walk at the beach … taking photographs together. I collaged some brown gull photos and shared for Camera Critters this weekend.

22. for a few pleasant ‘catch up phone calls’ from friends today.

23. for the BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW greeting me this morning when I went outside to feed the cat … and the absolutely delightful day I spent with my sister ‘birding’ in the Wetlands and dining at Z’Tejas this evening!

24. for all the thoughtful birthday wishes left on my blog posts and sent in email.

25. I’m accomplishing tasks on my to-do list each day even as I fall farther behind on blog posts & visits … while striving to achieve some balance in my busier than normal life currently.

26. for Gustafson Brothers … the folks who have maintained my car for decades.

27. I have the option to stay home today … resting to recover from whatever ails me. Perhaps I can catch up on some of the interesting programs cluttering my DVR … if I can stay awake.

28. to be feeling a bit better today after resting yesterday. I appreciate the well wishes and will do what I can to visit around the Blogosphere … perhaps later today or tomorrow.

Thank you Joy
Thought for Today
“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say ‘Thank you?’ “ William A. Ward