Finally … drizzles
Monday morning brought moisture
everyone could see

for a little while.
As summertime approaches
we’re many inches

short on rain this year
causing water rationing.
Day Lily Droplets!

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“Smile, breathe and go slowly.”  Thich Nhat Hanh



South Breeze Farm hosted the Giving Thanks Challenge and I participated at Small Reflections in November and decided to continue indefinitely … generating the following list one day at a time throughout the month of MAY.  I’ve decided to transfer the lists at the end of each month from Small Reflections to Happily Retired Gal … just because.  Click to see previous lists already published here.

1. for the possibility of rain coming our way.

2. I’m able to keep my plants alive with my garden hose when rain fails to fall as predicted … yet again.

3. for my washer, dryer & dishwasher.

4. to feel healthy & energetic.

5. my sister learned about how to use ‘Exposure Compensation’ while talking to a professional photographer on an excursion up the Stickeen River … then shared that information with me in a phone call later.

6. I’ve freed up considerable memory on my laptop so it runs a bit faster again.

7. I live close to the ocean where I walk daily.

8. for friends & family ;–)

9. time to visit the annual Mother’s Day Craft Faire in Sunset Beach.

10. for telephone connections with my sister and several friends too.

11. for a delightful lunch with the Retired Gals today.

12. my WordPress blog is fixed this afternoon (thanks to Anthony in Tech Support) after being ‘broken’ earlier today.

13. I remember enough from my PSE6 classes so that I’m able to keep up in the Digital Media class I’m taking this session Mondays & Wednesdays from 6-9pm.

14. for Ibuprofen helping me cope with aches & pains in my aging body.

15. I’m finally getting my photos organized and tagged in a methodical manner.

16. I’m gradually figuring out a useful set of ‘keywords for tagging’ photos & learning to use the ‘software tools’ to integrate previous tags into the new system I’ve generated experimentally.

17. I’m able to access my blogs even though something has gone crazy with my ‘C-drive’ leaving less than 8mb of ‘free’ space after running a Back Up to my 1TB ‘G-drive’ last night.

18. With the help of a good friend on the phone, I managed to remain calm in the face of potential technological failure & eventually get things working … reasonably well (for the time being at least).

19. I made time to spend several hours in my yard this morning … watering as deeply as possible while weeding & pruning plants … something I’d put off for too long.

20. for all the new & review PSE6 skills covered so far in my evening Digital Media class.

21. books to savor & enjoy ;–)

22. I finally figured out how to create a symmetrical template for my T-13 photo posts using stroke outlines.

23. to help my friend Lynne celebrate her 60th birthday Saturday night.

24. I’m obsessive enough to keep track of comments I leave on other’s blogs … I’ve reached 985 comments in May, so I have just 15 comments to go to reach 1000 and win Harriet’s trophy this month!!!

25. time to do a bit of catch up on a variety of neglected tasks today.

26. for a TRIPLE CELEBRATION today here at Small Reflections. Click to read all about it!

27. Molly’s feeling better … finally! I’ll need to keep a closer eye on what people feed her so her stomach doesn’t get messed up like it’s been for the past week.

28. the red Mr. Lincoln Rosebush has TWO gorgeous blossoms currently ;–)

29. my computer’s up & running again after yet another MAJOR crash this morning!

30. ESPN2 is covering the French Open so I can watch tennis!

31. Molly’s clean & sweet-smelling after her visit to the groomer this week ;–)

Thank you Joy

FYI – My previous Gratitude Lists can be found at Happily Retired Gal, my new WordPress site. It is my intention to keep this ‘Daily Gratitude List’ in my sidebar indefinitely because I believe it makes sense to focus on what’s right in our lives regularly. Click for:
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Thought for Today
“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say ‘thank you?’”  William A. Ward