Tuesday morning addendum: While taking time to catch up on blog visits this morning (after being away from my computer most of the past few days), I’ve just discovered and new Monday Morning Mosaic Meme and am delighted to find others who create this kind of eye-candy!  I’ve decided to add that logo to THIS post and plan to participate weekly from now on … in fact, once I finish this addition here … I intend to create a belated Monday Morning Mosaic at Sacred Ruminations … just because ;–)

On the left is the logo I found at Gemma’s today and on the right is one I created myself … because I didn’t see one at The Little Red House.  If you participate in Mosaic Monday and would like to use mine, feel free.  You can find my first ‘official’ Mosaic Monday at Sacred Ruminations.

Mellow Yellow Monday #17

One collage of blooms
with two different backgrounds …
first white & then black

using a template
I created … fun to share
blooms with yellow here.


Click to embiggen and for others participating

Thought for Today
“The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.”  Henry Boye