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South Breeze Farm hosted the Giving Thanks Challenge and I participated at Small Reflections in November and decided to continue indefinitely … generating the following list one day at a time throughout the month of JULY.  I’ve decided to transfer the lists at the end of each month from Small Reflections to Happily Retired Gal … just because.  Click to see previous lists already published here.

1. Andy Roddick defeated Leyton Hewitt in a marvelous 5-setter and moves to the semi-finals to play Andy Murray on Friday. The Williams sisters play their semi- final matches tomorrow and I’ll be watching ;–)

2. Serena managed to outlast Elena Dementieva in the highly competitive first women’s semi-final match … one for the ages. It’s a shame Dinara Safina couldn’t put up the same kind of fight in her semi-final match with Venus.

3. I’ll be able to watch the men’s semi-finals on television today … <Hooray!!! Andy Roddick won his match against Andy Murray so he’ll play Roger Federer in the Wimbledon Championships on Sunday!

4. Serena Williams won her 3rd Wimbledon Women’s Championship in a competitive match against her sister. I celebrated he 4th of July by watching … then walking through the 4th of July PARADE crowds in downtown Huntington Beach taking photos to share.

5. The men’s Championship Match at Wimbledon was one to remember … exciting to the very end. Andy Roddick fought valiantly throughout making Roger Federer work hard for his 15th Grand Slam win to break the record of Pete Sampras.

6. for a long ‘catch-up’ phone call with my sister ;–)

7. to reconnect with a long time friend from my past for lunch today.

8. my small neighborhood market carries half & half so I can walk over to replenish my supply between trips to the grocery store.

9. for daily walks along the beach with Molly and/or my Nikon D60 … and time to enjoy both.

10. for unhurried time to write and read … especially in the morning

11. for shade on my front patio … (see Shadow Shot Sunday at Sacred Ruminations)

12. cell phone conversations with my sister and Taos Writers Retreat Buddy last night and today.

13. for a pleasant lunch with my retired friends and a lazy afternoon ;–)

14. I took time to read DIVINE JUSTICE by Dean Koontz today … just for fun.

15. I had time to spend catching up on blog visits today.

16. I took time to write after listening to part one of a two CD set called Zen Howl (by Natalie Goldberg and Doshe Port) that I bought in Taos, NM two years ago but never opened until this morning.

17. to live near the ocean and close enough to a Starbucks to walk there in minutes. Both provide nifty places to sit and write for as long as I choose.

18. for the delightful sunrises over the past few days.

19. for shade & cool onshore breezes in the afternoon on these hot days.

20. my sister called this afternoon from Banff National Park in Canada as she waited for the Indian dances to begin.

21. for morning coffee with half & half and Entemann’s Raspberry Danish Twist. YUM ;–)

22. authors have shared their insights though the printed word benefiting all who follow.

23. I’ve started to write again … and to share a bit myself at Sacred Ruminations.

24. for a long catch up call from my sister traveling in Canada.

25. for a delightful walk downtown to the surf contest with a friend and nifty photos of the Surf Contest to share.

26. for the pleasant Concert in the Park last night.

27. I can use my PSE6 skills to share mosaics.

27. Wally Lamb writes books ;–)

28. to catch up with a few friends yesterday via phone.

29. the weather is cooling down a bit at last

30. that Molly & Jenke got to play together one last time before the move.

31. for a delightful walk with friends down to the Craft Fair & Farmer’s Market then out to Ruby’s at the end of the pier for dinner. Lovely end to the month ;–)

Thank you Joy

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Thought for Today

“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say ‘thank you?’”  William A. Ward