Thirteen Mosaics

created with 13 views

straight across the street.

Amazing to me
how varied that view can be …

Note the cluster of

palm trees in each shot
underneath the various

sky vistas … then tell

me what’s strange about
the ‘view’ in the center … Do

you see something odd?

HappilyRetiredGal-small black

Original – straight out of the camera

Posterized – 9

Poster Edges


Palette Knife

Dry Brush

Smudge Stick

Black & White – Scenic Landscape

Black & White – Scenic Landscape with Poster Edges

Photoshop ‘filters’
create ‘kewl’ effects … it’s fun
to experiment!


Black & White – Infared

Bas Relief

Zig Zag

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Thursday Thirteen, Sky Watch and Haiku Friday

Thought for Today
β€œThe road to wisdom?Β  Well, it’s plain and simple to express:
Err and err again, but less and less and less.”
Piet Hein