… A ‘sticky post’ in response to some recent questions from visitors having difficulty leaving comments: If you’re on my HOME page, click for comments at the TOP of the post, but if you’re on the post page itself … for some unknown reason, the comments are WAY DOWN below the post itself … so don’t give up until you find them please ;–)

Addendum on 8-31-09 – Things seem to have fixed themselves comment wise and for that I’m grateful.  Methinks I’ll leave this here a little while longer for those who have trouble seeing the COMMENTS link at the TOP of the page, rather than at the end of the post … just because.

Addendum on 9-2-09 – Guess I’ll ‘unstick’ this post and see what happens.  I hate to remove it since 8 folks have commented … so hopefully it will fall into line with my other posts and remain as ‘information’ for anyone who happens by ;–)

Hugs & blessings,