My world near the beach
simple … relaxed … colorful
Just Joey Roses

not so hurried now
that I am retired from

teaching … sharing life

with Ms Kitty and
Molly who meets visitors

joyfully each day

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My wider world
has wildfires burning and
watching coverage

on the TV news
generates sadness for all

those affected by

the destructive flames
more than 200 thousand

acres already

4 years without rain
generates unlimited

fuel for wildfires

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“Smile, breathe and go slowly.”  Thich Nhat Hanh



South Breeze Farm hosted the Giving Thanks Challenge and I participated at Small Reflections in November and decided to continue indefinitely … generating the following list one day at a time throughout the month of August.  I’ve decided to transfer the lists at the end of each month from Small Reflections to Happily Retired Gal … just because.  Click to see previous lists already published here.

1. for ‘perfect messages from the Universe’ arriving as needed this morning.

2. for a phone call from my sister this morning … she wanted me to know they’re back in the USA … in North Dakota.

3. for the way I combined Mosaic Monday with Mellow Yellow, Ruby Tuesday, and Midweek Blues … gotta luv multi-tasking and I really like the way that collage turned out.

4. ‘D’ was at home when I called and had time to chat.

5. for attending last night’s free concert in the park with ‘S’ … another enjoyable evening

6. my hair is short again … good to go for another 6 weeks

7. my neighbor told he about the free Ukelele concert down by the pier. Molly & I walked down there with a friend, enjoyed the music, and just got back a little while ago because we decided not to stay for the free movie afterward.

8. for my Florian rachet garden clippers ;–)

9. I got to swim laps last night in a friend’s pool then watched an entertaining funny film.

10. for lunch with the other Retired Gals today ;–)

11. for a morning swim before getting on with the day’s activities and errands.

12. the skies eventually cleared allowing the sun to shine, even though it was almost sunset as that occurred ;–)

13. the LOVELY colorful sunset this evening! I’ll be sharing photos soon.

14. the sun came out earlier today so the weather was warmer for my morning swim and Molly made a new friend of a 3 month old Damation puppy named Aloha!

15. my sister had a cell signal (after being w/o one for several days) and called from Minnesota tonight … allowing us to catch up with one another as we chatted for about an hour.

16. for the free Dixieland Concert in the Park this evening.

17. the sun FINALLY came out even though it was late afternoon when it did so.

18. I swam yesterday & today because I’m thinking of taking tomorrow off to meet a friend for brunch at 10:30.

19. my sister thinks seeing her photos on my blogs will be fun.

20. my neighbor Mike volunteered to help me pick the limes from the TOP of the tree and ended up trimming those high branches for me. What a guy ;–)

21. for a beautiful SUNNY morning to swim (finally) … especially since later in the day the weather got cold & nasty and ‘thunderstorms’ are predicted for tomorrow. I’ll believe THAT when I see it!

22. I managed to get myself over to swim for 45 minutes this morning even though the skies LOOK LIKE we MIGHT get some rain after all … and that would be a good thing given the minimal rainfall we’ve had this year.

23. to experience unexpectedly glorious sunshine for my morning swim, a delightful free late afternoon concert by the Pacific Chorale at the Orange County Performing Arts Center followed by a delightful dinner & visit with friends.

24. Osh carries liquid Terro so I could pick some up for a friend who has ant scouts in her condo.

25. for CLEAR BLUE SKIES and a bright sunrise! It feels like summer finally ;–)

26. for the 2 dozen or so Apricot colored roses on my Just Joey rose bush plus another dozen buds. What an amazing burst of color ;–)

27. I’m building my swimming stamina a little more each day.

28. for cell phone connections with my sister, no matter where she is on the road. Her most recent call was from Boulder, Wyoming. They’re headed for Colorado soon and will spend Labor Day with friends who live there.

29. the winds aren’t blowing as the wildfires burn here in Southern California. I’m praying for quick containment.

30. for fire-fighters and support staff to combat these devastating fires burning all over our state. I’m praying for their safety as they battle the flames and provide aid & comfort to those displaced from their homes.

31. Serena & Venus Williams and Andy Roddick made it through their first round matches at the US Open Tennis Championship in New York and there will be TENNIS to watch on TV for the next two weeks ;–)

Thank you Joy

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Thought for Today

“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say ‘thank you?’”  William A. Ward