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Window Views, Reflections and
Sunday Shadow Shots

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Brief Update about my Computer Issues

I’m pleased to report (to those following my ‘computer challenges’ lately) that after spending several hours on the phone with Dell Tech Support yesterday afternoon, things seem to be working better already. There have been NO BLUE SCREEN CRASHES today and the promised replacement keyboard arrived in today’s mail. THAT was FAST!!!

I’ve removed the old ‘sticky’ one and installed the ‘refurbished’ keyboard. All the keys seem to work normally, though the ‘feel’ is a bit different. I suspect I’ll get used to it quickly and I’m quite relieved to not have to go back and FIX words any longer.

I don’t know the name
of these bushes with dainty
pink blossoms … if YOU

have an idea what
they might be please let me know
below in comments

colorful blooms from
South Coast Plaza Mall near the
door to Z’Tejas

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Today’s Flowers, and Color Carnival

Thought for Today
“You have the opportunity to be a powerful influence on the lives of other people, no matter your position in life.” V.J. Smith

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