I suspect I’ll continue to share photos & tidbits here (as well as on my two blogger sites) from time to time … but I have a NEW self hosted Website called Giraffe Journals Just for the JOY of it, and I hope you’ll visit me there as time permits.

With apologies, belatedly I share …

A wild rose bush
climbs around the old palm tree
trunk in my front yard …

producing tiny
multi-colored short-lived blooms
you can see below

Click to embiggen for better viewing and for
others participating in Pink Saturday, Today’s Flowers,
Mellow Yellow Monday, Finding Beauty and Just for the JOY of it!

I invite all to participate and
spread the word far and wide …

Thought for Today

“When you arise in the morning, I invite you to think of one thing. What is going to change today? And what part will you play in creating that change, in being the conscious cause of it?” Neale Donald Walsh

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