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Celebrating Wednesday, November 25th
with my 195th WordPress post 😉
Blue Monday, Ruby Tuesday,
My World
and Wordless Outdoor Wednesday
are in the next post

Merrily jumping
while wishing everyone a
Happy Thanksgiving!


Hard to believe this little blog has had more that 19,225 hits since I started.
That couldn’t have happened without visitors like YOU so … thanks!
Please accept this award as a token of my appreciation.

Feel free to share with YOUR friends too 😉


Thought for Today
“Learn all you can from the mistakes of others. You won’t have time to make them all yourself.” Alfred Sheinwold

Click for comments at the TOP of the post under the title, rather
than at the bottom ;–)


Methinks I am most
delighted to discover
composing outside

of WordPress in the
Windows Mail program allows
formatting to change

as I want it to
without editing in ‘code’
as I’ve done ’til now!


I know that it’s not
Friday … but somehow my mind
is in Haiku mode

even though it is
Saturday.  I want to say
thank you Geraldine

for suggesting I
experiment with Outlook
Express … My laptop

runs Vista and does
not have it available,
but Windows Mail works

as I hoped it would.
Possibly I’ll try it out
with Blogger as well.

Just like Sandy of
Momisodes assisted me
with video clips

and Dona of Clutch
wing’s nest suggested

a ‘fix’ for troubles
I had early on getting
‘comments’ to appear

correctly … each one
of these ‘virtual’ friends helped
me solve challenges.

So I offer them
this award for ‘standing out’ …
with much gratitude

and give it as well
to those who have commented
during December.


For others who leave
comments on any of my
posts, you’re most welcome

to snag & enjoy
any of the awards in
my sidebar below

passing them to you
bloggy friends in whatever
way you choose to share.

Thought for Today
“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”  Oscar Wilde

I can't help but wonder about 'stats' below
found in my Dashboard this morning. To know
so many visit without commenting
generates questions within. Everything
equal ... when I visit others, I leave
feedback of relevance ... thus can't conceive
why (or how) so many bloggers who must
value 'comments' on their own blogs can just
drop by without taking a moment to
type a brief comment. To everyone who
DOES take the time to respond, 'Hip Hooray!'
I feel most grateful for you MAKE MY DAY ;--)

youmakemydayhappilyretiredgal-copyIf you’ve left me comments during December …
this award is for YOU to enjoy and share with others as you choose.

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Thought for Today
"If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it."  Toni Morrison

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