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This was a sticky post, but not any more ;–)

After blogging for about 13 months, I’ve established a WordPress account primarily as a ‘backup’ for my three ‘Blogger’ sites (see links in the abbreviated  ‘About Me’ in the sidebar), but I’m also intrigued (now that I’m here) to see ‘how things work’ … just because.  Methinks I’ll use this Happily Retired blog to post experimentally to see what happens, at least for a while.


I’m hoping for a gentle rain in Southern California today, but it’s more likely that we’ll experience heavier rain showers.  I certainly ‘feel’ for the homeowners in the recently ‘burned areas’ where mud slides are likely to add insult to injury … wreaking more havoc in their already disrupted lives.

Thought for Today – “Learn all you can from the mistakes of others.  You won’t have time to make them all yourself.”  ~Alfred Sheinwold

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I'm a happily retired teacher. Originally blogging as storyteller, I've changed my avatar early in 2010 to reflect my recent growing interest in photography. You might recognize me from one of my three original Blogger-based sites:

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Welcome to my first WordPress site. I hope you'll look around, leave me a comment or two, and check back as often as time permits.

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